Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have Not Fallen Off

Yes, people, I am still around and I have not fallen off the face of this blog.

I have not been doing much soup stuff as I have been totally immersed in work from the moment we finished our Chinese New Year holidays.

Yes, what recession? I have been up to my ears in work and more work. The good thing is, I'm getting the green light to hire myself an assistant writer. For the company of course. Not for this blog, unfortunately. Otherwise, soup recipes will be a daily occurrence here!

But I will dig up some soup recipes this week. Actually I have been baking bread and making meatloaf and baking butter cakes but I have been so naughty in that I have not made much soup - unless you count instant tom yam soup as soup.

Nope, in my books, instant tom yum soup is just that - instant soup. Not worthy of mention.

I'll be back tomorrow with soup recipes. Hang in there!