Saturday, October 24, 2009

4 Soup Recipes - All New!

Here are some soup recipes you can try.

For all soups, remember to blanch the meat first to get rid of its oil and blood. Bring your pot of water to boil before you add the meat and herbs/vegetables. Simmer on high heat for 10 minutes (do not close the pot lid). After 10 minutes of rapid boiling, close the lid and lower heat so that your soup can simmer for 2 hours undisturbed. Lastly add salt for seasoning. Turn off heat and let soup mellow for 30 minutes before serving warm with rice.

Papaya Soup
Nourishes lungs and improves skin texture

1 cob sweet corn
19 gm dried white fungus, soaked and drained
1 papaya, 450 gm
shin of pork, 450 gm

Dang Gui Soup
Expels dampness, nourishes spleen and yin

1/4 slice dried tangerine peel
19gm dang gui
12 gm fox nuts
600gm shin of pork
1 slice ginger

Lotus Root Soup
Promotes blood cell regeneration, whitens skins and improves skin texture

600gm shin of pork
19 gm fox nuts
57 gm dried lotus seeds
38 gm small red beans
450 gm lotus root

Pork Tail Soup
Strengthens bones and sinews, improves skin texture and nourishes kidneys

225gm peanuts
2 pig tails, washed and chopped into chunks
15 gm dried wai san
4 slices ginger
2 stalks spring onion, chopped
12 gm keichi/medlar seeds

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Business, Bad for Soups

I've missed my soups and yes, my blog!

Business has been really good so much so that work, meetings, hiring, and the whole circle of stuff has taken me away from this blog. I've had guilt pangs!I've felt terribly guilty!

When work gets to me (and I get very stressed sometimes), we eat out although I can rightly say that cooking is therapy for me. When I cook, I get into this 'zone' of self-reflection and peace. I talk to myself sometimes when I cook. It actually makes me happy.

But when I get home too late (sometimes past 8pm), it's sometimes too late to thaw chicken or fish so cooking gets abandoned. I tried making lots of soup and freezing it but nothing tastes like freshly made soup.

When I move to our new place (which hopefully happens soon as I am practically living in an apartment full of cartons, ready for packing!), I have a brand new kitchen for more soup experimentation. Plus I get a brand new refrigerator too. So long to the old faithful clunker of a refrigerator I am using now. It had served me well over the years but I suspect it 'slurps' electricity too. Old fridges tend to do that.

On my list of appliances to buy is a bigger slow cooker so I can make soup more regularly. Right now I use the stove and with a stove, I need to watch the fire to ensure the soup does not boil over.

If you've missed me and my soup recipes, I've missed ya too. I've missed experimenting with soups in my kitchen.

The consolation is, I'll be back with a true vengeance once we move into our new apartment.

Here's a sneak peek at my new white-cream galley kitchen with sparkling white tiles amidst sunshiney yellow.