Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year for New Soups

Happy New Year to you, if you've just arrived at this blog. I call myself the Soup Queen, tongue-in-cheek style. I think this name has really stuck well. When I first got the idea for a soup blog, I was just planning on compiling soup recipes for myself. I figured, if I write them down in notebooks, I might never find them again (knowing how easy it is to lose papers and such). And I like the idea of a quick search to get my recipes. That's how the Soup Queen got started.

My niche is really Chinese style soups which to the Cantonese, is a big deal.

As Cantonese, we're especially proud of our elegant cuisine. Soups feature a lot in our cuisine too. A good soup is always flavourful, delicate and robust. It nourishes. It replenishes.

I'm still surprised I have lots of soup recipes despite blogging for so long about soups. I guess the more one learns, the more one needs to learn.

I'll try to share more this year as I was a bit slack last year due to business, moving home etc.

And if you've been a reader, thank you for sharing your comments and love!