Monday, August 07, 2006

Tonic For Anaemic Women

This is a lovely dessert for anaemic women especially for those who often feel dizzy. It is also good for women who have just given birth.

It's basically a tonic for the blood. Men can also drink this as the two ingredients are good for promoting general well-being.

Dried longan is warming but it is recommended as a titbit/snack for expecting moms. It also helps with people suffering from insomnia, forgetfulness and anxiety. It contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, and large amounts of vitamins A and C. In traditional Chinese medicine, longan is associated with the Heart and Spleen meridians. It is helpful for calming the spirit.

Dried red dates as I have mentioned before are a must-have in the Cantonese kitchen. It's a blood tonic and helps to balance or harmonize soups. The concept of Yin-yang balance is reflected in the way we cook. Remember to remove the stones as the stones create dampness and phlegm. Red dates replenishes the Qi, nourishes blood and relieves fatigue.

Red Dates and Longan Tonic

You'll need 10 to 15 red dates and a small handful of dried longan. Put both ingredients into a pot of 4 to 5 cups water. Simmer gently until water is reduced by half. Drink warm.
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