Monday, September 29, 2008

Dang Shen & Red Date Tea

I got this recipe from a Taiwanese TV show on traditional chinese herbs. It looks easy enough to prepare.

In a pot, bring 500 ml of water to boil. Add dang shen and red dates. Simmer for 20 minutes. Serve warm.

This tea helps to boost the immune system.

Dang Shen or Codonopsis Pilosulae
is helpful for the spleen and lungs. It's a root similar to that of the ginseng family. It is considered the poor man's ginseng as it is cheap yet full of amazing properties. As it's mild, the whole family can take this herb.

According to FoodsnHerbs website, this power root helps:
-Build immunity and raise resistance
-Promote the production body fluid
-Nourish blood and energy
-Lower blood pressure
-Raise blood sugar
-Tonify spleen and lung energy

Dang Shen is also suited for people suffering from chronic fatigue, hypertension, loss of appetite, loose bowels, pale complexion, exhaustion after surgery or childbirth, body bloating and facial swelling due to edema, immune deficiency and hypoglycemia.
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