Monday, October 27, 2008

A Bit of Bread Diversion

This blog may be about soup but sometimes, I come across other types of niche food blogs too and thought you might like to know!

Recently, a friend found me on my other blog. He apparently is into bread-making (like me, but my first few attempts sucked) and he seems to be a maestro at it, looking at the number of bread recipes and modified recipes he has at his blog.

I know I am the soup queen (please take it with a pinch of salt) but he is definitely a bread king. He makes his own bread so that his wife (who has a thyroid condition) need not eat commercial bread which as you know is full of preservatives and stuff even my cat won't eat. (Do you know that a piece of commercial bread can stay fresh and unmoldy up to a week or more?!)

As I am bread newbie, I can tell you I was excited on learning that he has a blog dedicated to his fascination with bread.

Do hop over to BG's blog on bread baking and bread making.
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