Saturday, January 24, 2009 - Website for TCM

I found this website by chance (don't we all sometimes stumble upon good stuff while aimlessly surfing?) is a website for TCM enthusiasts.

What I like most is that you can search for a herb in various ways: by meridian, by type of use, by temperature, by taste, by name (latin and non-latin) and lots more.

It really is a community website because you can join and contribute what you know about TCM.

Although right now it seems as if only TCM practitioners can offer tips and advice, I believe it will only be a matter of time before others start chipping in.

Another section that's worth a look is the Classes section where you can learn from TCM practitioners for a fee (in US Dollars). A great concept because interest in this field is growing!

The best part of all is the Acupuncture Chart which looks similar to how a Google Map works. You can learn about Meridians and AcuPoints and even embed the Acupuncture chart into your own blog or website.
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