Monday, March 02, 2009

Cordyceps Soup

This is a simple cordycep soup. Cordyceps or dong chong xia chao is also called caterpillar fungus.

As a sweet and warm herb, it benefits largely the kidney and lung. That's why this soup is great for nourishing the lung and strengthening kidney and of course, helps with people who suffer from coughs.

For this soup, I bought a ready packet of premix herbs from the herbalist for RM4. Inside the packet were dried cordyceps, red dates, medlar seeds, yuk chuk/solomon's seal and Dan Shen (chinese sage).

As usual, bring a pot of water to boil. Again this is roughly 6 fairly large bowls of water or 1.5 liters. When boiling, add blanched pork or chicken together with the herbs and boil on high for 10 minutes, uncovered. Then cover the pot tightly and lower fire completely to a mere bubble and let it simmer for 2 hours. Season to taste after 2 hours with 2 teaspoons good quality salt (I use Himalayan salt). Let it rest
for 30 minutes before serving warm.

This is a deliciously nourishing soup for the whole family. I was having a bout of cough a few days ago and when I made this soup and drank it for 2 days consecutively, my cough is gone!
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