Friday, April 23, 2010

Herbal Teas for Good Health

I was in Hong Kong in March and I was blown away by the easy accessibility of herbs, herbal drinks, herbal soups and healthy practices of the people of Hong Kong. I will share more of that with you once my business schedule has toned down a bit. Right now, I am stealing a bit of time out (from working on a client's website) to post this.

I saw this and thought it fantastic to share with all of you here.

As an aside, I've hardly been making soups. Sigh. What a pity huh. I've been involved in lots of committee work (from my own businesswomen group committee to my residential committee) and that plus business has taken me away from my fave pastime, making soups.

OK, enough of that.

This link is about Chinese herbal teas which promote sleep. Without proper sleep, one gets grouchy and ill-tempered. Sleep also allows your body to repair itself.

Lots of easy tea recipes on this Chinese herbal tea page. Do take a look and try them out!
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