Monday, August 23, 2010

A Lil Diversion.....

Well this has nothing to do with food or soups but it has something to do with Orientalism and health and in a way, well-being.

I came upon this Oriental Tit Tar website when I went over (OK, OK, more like moseyed over) to a friend's blog. He had sprained his ankle so he went to see a Chinese Tit Tar.

How shall I translate Tit Tar?

It's a Cantonese word for the chiropractor who puts you right again.

It's very cool that this particular Tit Tar is smart enough to take hold of technology and use it for his own business.

After all, complementary medicine should be here as an option for people like you and me.

Particularly me as I love my Sin Seh (Chinese medicine man). Sure, the healing is not as fast as Western medicine. But asking for quick, fast relief isn't always the best way to cure the body.

So I like my medicine to work with my body to heal it, not work as a 'patch' and cover up the symptoms but not treat the root causes.

That is perhaps why I like going back to the basics - prevention through soups!
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