Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here's A Peek At My Cookie Treats

Here are some photos of Chinese New Year cookies which I didn't make. All of these were either bought from friends who made them or given to me. Yes, I am fortunate that I am surrounded by capable bakers. I had 3 different types of butter cookies, 2 different types of seaweed crackers, and a host of delicious munchies. Here are some pineapple rolls, courtesy of my youngest sister. 

Here is the view from the top. Pineapple rolls are a firm favourite each Chinese New Year. 

Below are some seaweed or nori crackers made by my aunts. Apparently it's very easy to make. You just need sheets of nori sandwiched between popiah skin wrappers. Cut them up into bite-size pieces and deep-fry till crispy. Warning - these are completely addictive! I can munch through half a canister of this while watching Glee. Then I get all guilty! 
These are called Almond London cookies. Also quite a sweet treat and available to me because my sister makes them for me. Inside each chocolate covered biscuit is a whole almond. Almonds are expensive so it's like a luxury or so my sis says. Great with a cup of hot tea! 

These mini spring rolls with homemade pork floss were ordered from a friend. Absolutely crunchy and tasty. Also very heaty if eaten too much, just like the above chocolate treats. Ensure you drink a lot of chrysanthemum tea or buddha fruit tea

What is Chinese New Year with some buttery goodness in the form of butter cookies? 

Here are some cranberry oat cookies which I ordered from my neighbour. I think she added some Baileys to these chewy cookies. By the way, I love chewy cookies. 

Again, Chinese New Year isn't CNY until we have our basket of mandarin oranges! Don't consume too many or else you will suffer damp-heat. You can save its peel, dry it under the sun and use the peel when you boil red bean dessert.

It gives a nice orangey tang to the dessert. "Chen pi" or dried tangerine peel cures coughs! Fancy that. If you eat too many oranges, you get coughs but if you want a remedy, go look for orange peel. Everything has its own cure and remedy. That's the fascinating part about Nature!

Arrowhead chips have become quite a fave too the last few Chinese New Years. Made from the arrowhead bulbs which are apparently only available during January and February (as they come from China), these chips are again a good accompaniment to TV watching. As they are deep-fried, they are heaty so again, all Chinese mothers will caution: eat this and drink lots of water. 

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