Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lotus Seed & Lily Bulb Dessert For Beautiful Skin

This is yet another easy dessert recipe for women.

The combination of these two main ingredients, lotus seeds and dried lily bulbs, is better than any skincare.

Drinking this regularly - say once a week - is touted to improve your skin texture and promote cell regeneration.

It's really easy if you have a slow cooker. Just put the ingredients in, switch the cooker on, let it simmer for an hour and you'll have a deliciously light and sweet dessert to drink before you turn in for the night.

Remember to soak the lotus seeds to soften first, then crack them open and remove the green (bitter) pith beforehand. If you can get fresh lotus seeds (the kind that is sold vacuum-packed), you don't have to soak the seeds.

Lotus Seed & Lily Bulb Dessert

19 gm dried lily bulbs
38 gm dried lotus seeds (soaked and pith removed)
2 cups water
some rock sugar to taste

Place all ingredients into a slow cooker or crockpot. Simmer for an hour. Serve warm.

Here's to beautiful skin!

About Lotus Seeds
Lotus seeds benefits the spleen, heart and kidneys. It also calms because it helps with restlessness and insomnia. It clears heat and therefore highly nutritious to people prone to heatiness.
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