Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Bleeding Under The Skin

This is a quick post and a shout out to one of my readers who found my blog because he was helping a friend find out more about Five Flower Tea!

You see, it doesn't surprise me anymore now as I meet more and more people who come up to me and say they read my blog. In fact, it gives me a glow of pleasure even though I've been blogging for years and years!

Once at an event, a man in his fifties tapped me on my shoulder. He asked if I was the Soup Queen! He was from Ipoh but he had come to Penang for this particular event (where my friend was promoting powdered ginseng) and he recognised me in a sea of 50 or so people.

Anyway, back to Joe.

I'm not sure if Joe would like me to describe him but suffice to say, we've met! He came to our marketing event called Marketing Mojo in March because he won a ticket.

He is a fount of knowledge about Chinese kung fu, Chinese medicinal ointment (Nic is adamant that one day he will produce his own "tit tar jau" because this husband of mine believes in some far off life in his past, he was a medicine man) and Chinese herbs. And Joe is Cantonese (yay, my kind of people haha).

Joe has been emailing me interesting links and articles to Chinese herbs and health.

Just this week, he sent me a link to this article about bleeding under the skin. The article also recommends some herbs and one of the helpful herbs/vegetables is lotus root.

As you know, I am a huge fan of lotus root soup. I love its simplicity. I love eating the crunchy roots and as a child, I was always fascinated by the holes!

In my Lip Sin market, I usually get to choose from 2 types of lotus roots. It's not that they're 2 different species. They're the same. It's just that the origins differ. The larger ones usually come from China. The thinner, longer and scrawnier ones are local. I prefer to buy local. Or maybe I am too scared of what the Chinese farmers put into their fields and ponds!

So have a go and read this article on bruising under the skin and the healthy and natural kitchen remedies that can help you.

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