Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nic's Birthday Basket of Liu Pao Tea

Here's something different from all the herbs and plants that I post about. This video is about Nic's recent birthday and how he decided to give himself a basket of tea. A 6kg basket of Liu Pao tea all the way from Wuzhou, China (from one of China's largest tea manufacturers and exporters).

We are big tea drinkers. In fact, if you read my blog long enough, you know I don't drink coffee. Not at all.

So friends who know me well will often buy me tea when they travel. I've got an entire tea cabinet filled with tea from all over the world.

Now besides teas that friends buy me, Nic and I drink Pu-Erh daily after our dinner. Pu-Erh is a digestive tea that helps people to keep slim and fit. It's also suitable for night drinking as some people do find it hard to fall asleep if they drink too much of other teas like jasmine.

This tea that Nic is unboxing is Liu Pao tea. It is a fermented tea that is good for detoxification. While Pu-Erh dissolves all the fats (supposedly), Liu Pao is a healing tea that cools the body. It is named after a village in China called Liu Pao but it gained popularity in Malaysia over the years, thanks to the tin miners in Ipoh who used to imbibe this tea daily. Right now, it is becoming popular in China again thanks to its humble beginnings in Perak.

We got reacquainted with this tea early this year and it is a good addition to our tea collection.

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