Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chinese Winter Dates Are Actually.....

Here are some new type of fruits I bought in the supermarket the other day. They're called Chinese Winter Dates. I didn't know much about them until a friend told me they're lovely and crunchy. When I saw them in the supermarket, I decided I ought to try them out. 

chinese winter dates from Shandong

Here's how they look like. Don't look very appealing right? All yellow and brown.

chinese winter dates from Shandong

They're mildly sweet and crunchy though. Like an apple.

chinese winter dates from Shandong

This is how it looks on the inside. The flesh is white with a seed in the middle. 

Actually they're dates. 

Like the regular dried red dates. 

It's just that these are fresh dates which have yet to wrinkle up and dry out. 

chinese winter dates from Shandong

They're mostly from Shandong and available from October to December (hence their "winter" status). It's supposed to be the "rarest fruit in the world" but don't take it too seriously. I think Chinese exporters tend to make big claims. 

There's very little information on this type of fresh dates from China.

Anyone know much about this fruit? 

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