Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dried Sugar Cane Herbal Tea

You would have seen this in most Chinese shops. It's a packet of dried ingredients made up of roots and twigs. Actually it is sugar cane. Dried sugar cane with an assortment of ingredients to make a cooling herbal tea. It's called Cane & Arrow Root Stock. 

sugar cane herbal tea

The package contains 3 ingredients (see photo below) - sugar cane, carrot and arrow root

All you have to do is put the contents of this packet into a pot of water, say 1 liter. Boil on low fire for 20 minutes. Then add rock sugar to taste. It's a traditional herbal tea for cooling down the body on hot summer days! 

sugar cane herbal tea

Arrow root is the white slices, the carrot is the amber coloured stuff on the top while the rest are just sugar cane.

What's your favourite herbal tea? 

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