Saturday, September 06, 2014

More on Mugwort Or What It Looks Like Close Up

Remember my last post on the herb I found while visiting Balik Pulau? Well, here's more about the herb!

(For more details, read this. Mugwort is terribly useful!)

A week ago, my neighbour gave me a plastic bag full of Ai Ye or Mugwort. Yes, the very same neighbour who saw me planting the Ai Ye herb in my garden.

The very same one who told me the herb grows wild and aplenty in her mom-in-law's garden in Gelugur (why is it that moms-in-law often grow this herb in their garden?)

So here's how the herb looks like. It may look like a lot but once you fry it up with eggs, it shrinks.

I just plucked off the leaves. The stems I stuck them into a pot and they seem to be growing. As my husband says, these are fast-growing weeds and they grow everywhere.

(Update: Maybe it's the weather but my Ai Ye leaves aren't growing as fast as it should be! I just plucked off some and fried them up with eggs only once but the plant is still growing too slowly for my liking. Maybe the plant knows I want to greedily eat it up!)

What I did was fry up the Ai Ye with some eggs and had them for dinner. Just beware that it helps you release gas!

And just this week, I saw Ai Ye sold in bunches in the Lip Sin market. RM1 for a bunch. I wanted to buy 2 bunches but my husband says he's not eating it so one bunch would do nicely for me! See how men absolutely detest this herb?

Ai Ye or Mugwort leaves 

Close up of the Mugwort 

I saved the tough stems - planted them in my garden. I never throw anything away if I can help it. 
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