Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hair Fall Update After Drinking Lots (And I Mean LOTS) of Ba Zhen Tang!

I have been drinking Ba Zhen Tang twice a week now for about 6 weeks. (See my previous post)

When I say twice a week, it's not that I boil Ba Zhen twice a week. I brew Ba Zhen herbs in my slow cooker in 700ml of water for about 4 to 5 hours on Auto mode.

I usually drink 350ml of the soup and save the remainder for two days later. Two days later, I'll gently reheat the soup on the stove and drink it while it's warm. This means my one pot of soup lasts me two sessions.

I've also switched up my drinking time. I used to drink it at night (11pm or so) because I used to brew the soup around 7pm.

But the problem is that at night I used to toss and turn, unable to sleep!

When I told my sinseh this, she told me to drink it in the evening around 6pm (or at least before dinner time).

I found that switching up the time of drinking Ba Zhen Tang was better. I didn't have difficulty sleeping - apparently, Ba Zhen invigorates the body so all that energy at night was not suitable at all.

When I switched my Ba Zhen drinking time to 6pm I also made my life easier! I would then start brewing the herbs in my slow cooker around 1pm (yes, it helps that I work from home mostly) and by 6pm, it's ready.

Then, of course, I don't throw out the herbs but add another 700ml of hot water to the slow cooker and switch it on to brew for another 5 hours until 11pm. Then I take out the soup, put it into a thermos so that my husband can drink this the next morning!

So what's the verdict after weeks of doing this?

I did find that my hair fall was lessened considerably! I am not kidding. So all the while it is the blood and nourishment (well, at least for me).

The hair fall reduced a lot so this means that Ba Zhen does work.

I think that's like the best thing so far. Just a packet of herbs, twice a week.

Another thing I've been taking is this pill that I don't know the name for. I went back to my sinseh a week or so ago and she checked my pulse and said I needed more nourishment for my stomach. So she gave me these white balls which contain a black, gingery tasting soft nougat-like medicine. I was supposed to chew this black ball thingy before I ate. The first time I tried it, it was so pungent on my tongue. I quickly chewed and swallowed the awful stuff.

A plastic ball coated with wax. Need to break it open. 

The black chewy ball of medicine inside! 

After taking one pill per day for the past 10 days or so, I am getting used to the taste and the chewing.

Not sure if this pill helps reduce the hair fall but my sinseh says it's perfectly OK to take this pill and also drink Ba Zhen, as long as I am not heaty.

I'll be back to see her in a week or so. Will update more then!

P/S: I tried a type of massage called DDS Bio-electric Therapy early this week when I was in town. This tiny shop is in Komtar and I wouldn't have known about it had a friend not posted this on her FB page (yes, FB has its benefits). Nic and I were in town and we wanted a foot massage. So we went in search of this place and when we found it, there was only one reflexologist for foot massage. Nic opted for this while the lady asked if I would like to try a Bio-electric therapy massage. It was electricity running through me as she massaged me gently. It felt really good and relaxing. Even she told me that drinking Ba Zhen was good for women.

This is my sinseh's shop all the way at Paya Terubong. 

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