Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ai Ye Leaves In My Garden

Remember my joy at re-discovering mugwort or Ai Ye atop a hill in Balik Pulau? 

Well, guess what?

I am growing them in my garden now. 

The recent rainy weather has helped. The plants are flourishing. 

And mugwort is a plant that keeps on propagating too. Each time I pluck off the leaves, I stick its stem back into the earth or pot of soil and the stem soon starts growing! 

I love making omelette with mugwort leaves. There's something about the distinct fragrance of this plant that I crave. 

I also am a big believer that if I crave something, my body is telling me I need the nutrients in that particular type of food. So I go ahead and indulge myself. 

Still I find that my own mugwort leaves aren't as pungent as the ones my mom-in-law grows in her garden in Kuching. It must be the weather! 

Ai Ye or mugwort plants happily growing in my garden

Anyway, when my mugwort plants start to grow all over, I start plucking the leaves and storing  them in the fridge. No point letting them grow old and tough. 

Plucked Ai Ye or mugwort leaves ready to be stored in the fridge
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